Standards and Ethics Chair and Committee

Maureen Chang
Standards and Ethics Chair

Standard and Ethics Committee Members
Steve Antonoff
Joe Bernard
Marcia Monma
Colleen Reed

Ethics In Action

Updated HECA Listserv Terms of Use and Etiquette – March 2021

March 2019 Member Update – HECA Members Lead Industry Standards

November 2018 Member Update – Considering Contracts

June 2018 Member Update – Catch the S & E Committee in Action at the HECA Conference

April 2018 Member Update – Minding Your P’s, Q’s and Other Initials

December 2017 Member Update – Considering a Contingency Plan

October 2017 Member Update – NACAC’s Newly Adopted CEPP

July 2017 Member Update – Heart of HECA Recap

May 2017 Member Update – Pre-Conference Reading: Heart of HECA

February 2017 Member Update – Listening and Learning: Two Sides of An Ethics Conversation

December 2016 Member Update – Introducing our “Ethics in Action” Column

Ask the Ethics Committee

While our member listserve provides a great resource for advice from your HECA colleagues, we recognize that some topics may be sensitive in nature or that members may not always feel confident presenting ethics or standards of practice questions to the entire membership. If you have questions that fit into these categories, we encourage you to ask the ethics committee using this form.

HECA Ethics Violation Online Submission Form (for a suspected violation)

HECA Standards and Ethics Statement (Approved by HECA Board of Directors October, 2017)

Downloadable PDF version of HECA Standards and Ethics (This version is two-sided and suitable for distribution to clients.)

HECA Whistleblower Policy

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